A downloadable asset pack

Joker script was created by: シケモクMK

It works in all environments, and a variety of distribution methods are available

You can prepare any playing environment such as "Windows application" "iphone application" "Andoroid application" "browser game" "embedded website" "various portable game machine, stationery".

High affinity with KAG 3 / Kiriyoshi - (TyranoScript)

The Joker script adopts a script very similar to KAG / Kirikiri Even without knowledge of Unity, you can make a game by simply combining simple scripts.

Simple, but powerful and flexible expressive power

With the Joker script you can create powerful and flexible games.
It can also be used in combination with the advanced expression of Unity.
Experience the novel game of the new era by all means.

Freeware, commercial use possible

Joker scripts are available for free.
Commercial use is not restricted either. A corporation also does not need royalties for free.

*Use google translate to translate the site.

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Published Feb 15, 2017
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Unity, unity3d

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JOKERSCRIPT (Unity3D 2017-3-1f1).zip 10 MB
jokerscript_v041.zip 10 MB