Installation Tutorial

Waifu Dream Cloud is not a common extension for Google Chrome. This extension changes the behavior of some web pages.

For these reasons it is strongly recommended that you create a new user profile in Google Chrome, especially for this extension.

First step: Create a new profile

Step two: Install the extension

Open the extensions page:

Drag the folder from the extension you downloaded and drop it into the extensions page:

All ready!

Extension update:

To update the extension, you must download the new extension and replace the old files with the new ones. Then open the extensions page and click on "Reload (Ctrl + R)".

Get Waifu Dream Cloud


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I'm having some trouble with installing the extension. I've followed all of the steps, but when i drag the file to the extensions page, it tells me that it "could not unzip extension for install."  Are there any computers that the game is not compatible with?

I'm working on a new version to fix these errors. Thanks for the interece and wait for updates.

Thank you very much for continuing to work on this project, I follow this from waifu dream v1.04. I think the new web version is great, but when talking with the chatbot responds very robotically, I mean, if it is a "waifu chat" should answer more like an anime character, like a waifu should talk more affectionate, I think improve that would be great. Is there a way to translate the old waifu dream 1.05 into Spanish?

Thank you very much for your interest.

I would also like the waifu to respond in a more natural and affectionate way. To get to this bridge, it still needs a lot of work.

The web version contains the most realistic CHATBOT of today. This version uses mitsuku chatbot.

I've already tried using GOOGLE TRANSLATOR in the free version to translate real-time conversation, but I did not get good results. If I get a good solution I will update the project.

Waifu Dream 1.0.X uses AIML technology, I already tried to translate to other languages but I did not get results.