Game Instructions


  1. Click the icon to open the pop up.
  2. Opens the settings page to start the game.


Play button

  1. Select a waifu.
  2. Choose a name for your waifu.
  3. Words that will be replaced by your waifu's name. You do not need to change these values.
  4. You do not need to change these values.
  5. Player's name.
  6. Words that will be replaced by your  name. You do not need to change these values.
  7. Choose your language. You will be able to talk to your waifu in many languages.
  8. You do not need to change these values.
  9. Save the values and open the game page.


A tab with Google translator opens automatically. The extension uses this tab to automatically translate the questions and answers.

It is important that only one Google Translator tab is opened. 

  1. This icon indicates that the extension is controlling this page. To close this icon just click.
  2. Changes horizontal position.
  3. Changes vertical position.
  4. Changes the size of the waifu.
  5. Show/hides the waifu.
  6. Displays a grid to know the size of the image.
  7. Choose a Background.
  8. Choose a URL (HTTPS) for the background. Just place the link.
  9. If the response takes too long, click this button.
  10. Closes the settings window. The H key also displays / hides.

To chat with your waifu, click on "Type your message here..." and enter your text. After type your text, press ENTER / RETURN.

Incoherent response

Some response, the chatbot send an image. This causes program instability and removes HTTPS from the page.

When an image is detected, the program sends several questions until the image is removed from the screen.

Text to Speech

Here you can choose the language, which your waifu will speak.

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